Greetings all

Howdy from Texas.
I have been a AD&D player for many years, and my family are players as well. Our games are hosted saturday nights at my home, usually with a pot-luck.
We have 3 current house DM's. Myself, and my Mama G being the two main and 3 DM's in training. One being my step daughter.
This last weekened was our Olivian campaign which found the Furyans tracking a necromancer back to his keep. Then laying a small seige against it with frontal assult. The game went well, no pc deaths but the battle was blood and mudy due to a 'rock to mud' spell.
The best role play quote of the game....from the Furyan capt Harvester to the furyan shamaness Alya. "I've smelled pretty from the day you started traveling with us. I want it for the rest of my life." as close to a Furyan pick up line if I ever heard one.

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Ok, i have an interesting dilema. One of my players is a Cavalier, he is actually based on the 1st edition Cavalier, from Unearthed Arcana, however for the purposes of this query he follows the same rules as the 2nd Ed one from the fighters handbook. A couple of games back the group came under attack from a large group of manscorpians, outnumbered and the other two fighters down the Cavalier holds the doorway on his own, as he begins to lose ground and take wounds he slams the door and holds it shut. Now according to the rules for his class he is not allowed to run from a fight, however the player has since justified his actions, claiming that running from the fight was the best way to save the rest of the group who he feels he is responsible for... what do you guys recon? Should he have been penalised for his actions or even rewarded?
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The conversion index I was mentioning

Heres what I have managed to get into the computer so far from my scribbled notes whilst going through the V3.5 Monster manual with my 2nd Ed one near by.

Its the entries from Aboleth to Dwarf in the 3.5 book (pages 8 through 93) it points to the entries where something by the same name exists, or the equivalents I have located so far.

The early part of the alphabet seems to be where they added the bulk of their new monsters, a higher percentage of the later entries have an equivalent.

The plan is to fill in the gaps overtime, but I still need to get the direct comparison list finished before then.

<a href=">Monster Manual Conversion</a>
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A One Horse Open Slay...

So, guys...what are you all up to currently in the realm of AD&D? Post what your current game is, DM or PC-wise.

Right now, I'm getting ready to start up a new game after a three month vacation. It's a monster slaying game, where the party is dedicated to finding exotic and rare beasts and slaying them for fame, profit, and fun.

This will challenge my creativity, as I'll need to design a lot of custom monsters for this game; you know, to keep the players on their toes.

How about the rest of you?
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Latest Project

Hasn't been anything pop up in this community lately so I thought I would mention a little project I am working on at the moment.

Since I have been using a lot of current dungeon magazine adventures to varying degrees lately, from just partial story lines to complete conversion to 2nd ed I have decided I needed some sort of referance so I could find equivalent monsters more quickly. Often it will say go to monster manual page such and such.

Phase one is complete, I have gone thorough the main monster listings in the 3.5 monster manual and page by page then noted the page number in the 2nd ed monster manual where the same monster exists.

Phase two is typing this bit up.

Phase three is filling in the gaps that are left where there is not an identical monster, either by finding something very similar that goes by another name or by doing a direct backwards conversion.


Greetings all,

Just happened to scroll through the listings of communities and this one caught my eye.

It's been much too long since I've gamed, but I've been pretty active on the game system design end of the spectrum as of late. I've been a DM for over 16 years now and an avid fan of table top RPGing for pretty much as long. My first exposure to the genre was with the original D&D game back in 1990, after which I moved into AD&D 2nd ed. in 1991. It's been a pretty wonderful love-affair since.

I've written a number of expansion rules sets for the 2nd ed. for my groups over the years. They've collectively become known as "The House Rules" or the "2.5 edition." We all had a good laugh when 3rd ed. came out...

But, anyway, thought I'd introduce myself.

Have a great day and pleasure meeting you.
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Ok, recently been working on my town setting which is growing nicely (currently a 70 page pdf file) however have been reading a lot of the complete handbook series recently, notably the priests handbook and each type of priest lists the followers they attracy when they build a stronghold and that usually the stronghold is half paid for by their order. The question however i have is did second edition ever publish stronghold building rules and prices? I obviously have the first edition dmg which lists the prices for a piecemeal castle and i have the castle guide winging its way to me from the beloved ebay (may arrive tomorrow) however i thought i would ask if anyone knows where abouts such rules may be found? (I probably have the book but cant remember reading such rules.) Thanks in advance guys.
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On Line Gaming

I just could not scare up a face to face game where I live so I began a search for on line games to play in.  They were remarkably hard to find so I thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking for on line gaming too.  Keep in mind, I was searching out 1st - 2E AD&D games predominately.

 The last two sites offer 3 and 3.5E D&D stuff as well as a few 1st and 2E games. 
The last site offers GOBS of different games and game systems.  

DM's, you can also run your own games too


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Greetings From Dramengost

Hi. I was pretty stoked to see that AD&D is still a thriving property someplace. I've got a little of the 3E stuff, but I'm not nearly as enamored with it as a lot of folks, for a host of reasons. I don't think it's a bad system, necessarily, but in the 25 years I've DM'ed ( I was only a player on three occasions in that time ), I guess I've gotten so used to 'old school' that I'm reluctant to fork over more money to keep up with the new edition.

Anyways, I tend to be pretty reserved when it comes to dialoguing online, which is why my journal is written in roman a'clef. But I figured I ought to introduce myself, at least, and see if I can learn a thing or two or maybe put in my two cents worth now and again.

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this group, although certainly not new to AD&D 2nd edition. I DM a world of my own creation, and I wanted to get some outside opinions on a couple issues that have arisen in the course of the game.

1. One of my players wants to retire his elf bladesinger character and replace it with a fighter/mage/thief, using the Sha'ir kit (from Al-Qadim) for the mage class. I never even heard of the Sha'ir kit until he brought it up to me, so I wanted to look at their abilities before I approved of it. After looking it over, I decided to let him have it, although I still have some concerns about how it will affect gameplay. My biggest concern is that (if I did the calculations correctly) an 8th level sha'ir could have access to 8th level wizard spells, which an ordinary wizard would not be able to get until 16th level! My friend pointed out that while this is true, there are a lot of restrictions to balance that out, including: being required see the spell first before he can request it, the low chance of receiving a higher level spell, the long period of time needed to obtain it, and the short period of time in which he would have to use it. I'm hoping that these restrictions are enough to balance out their ability to obtain an incredibly wide selection of spells without memorization. Has anyone else played with a sha'ir in their campaign, and if so, how did it affect your game? Did they seem too powerful to you?

2. My players and I have disagreed before about how the thief ability to hide in shadows works. In the 2nd edition players handbook, it says: "A thief can hide this way only when no one is looking at him; he remains hidden only as long as he remains virtually motionless....The DM rolls the dice and keeps the result secret, but the thief always thinks he is hidden." My players have interpretted that to mean that while the thief himself/herself does not know if the hide in shadows attempt succeeded, the other characters can look at the thief and tell him/her if it's working, thus allowing the thief to keep rolling again until successful. I think this is wrong because simply knowing that the thief is there trying to hide in shadows would make the other characters unable to judge how obvious it would be to someone who did not know. And, it terms of game balance, it makes the thief ability somewhat meaningless since the thief can simply try again and again until successful. What do the rest of you think?