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Looking For A Place To Game?

When I first started looking into online gaming I had a really hard time finding places that actually had games going on.   There were a few places that liked to talk about gaming but I wanted to play.  

Shameless plug/

I have a game board called Castle Valiant

I started it after a couple of the game boards I frequented were having trouble staying up and running. All the games were on hold and some of them died off. I also wanted to provide a place to host games so people had other options available to them if they couldn't scare up a face-to-face game in their area or if some other board goes down or gets hacked games could still be played. So, Castle Valiant was created.

It's all about the games. Play by email (PBEM), Play by message board (PBMB). The game pacing is slower than table top but it has the advantage of giving you the time to craft your responses or plots.

AD&D, D&D, D20, Planescape, White Wolf, Star Wars, Birthright or something else are all welcome. I'm a 1st and 2nd edition AD&D fan myself.

Join up and help launch Castle Valiant. Start your games today. Don't be shy, come on in. Joining is free, playing is free, no subscription fees, no charges and no credit checks. Very Happy
It's a new board and more members will offer more opportunities.
Newbies and old timers are welcome.

/Shameless plug Wink

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