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Bardic Spell Poems

Okay, so it's probably no big surprise that I am Dorky McNerdpants, and thus play D&D once a week with a bunch of friends (and it's house-ruled 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons, to boot!).

One of my characters is a Celtic-flavored bard by the Name of Daffyd ApOwen, and one quirk I gave him are the fact that along with whatever requirment he has for casting spells, he has to end it with some sort of poem.


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Now for second level spells, I figured that instead of just doing the rhyming line again, or adding more lines, a spell could just have a one line evocative image, like so:
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Now, while this character will not be able to cast 8th level spells for quite some time, I figured that the second-highest level of spells in the PLayer's Handbook needed an awesome for to go with it: Haiku!

I only have one written so far, though.

"The Mythal weaves ties that bind/
Mine bind further still/
An unbreakable circle."

Ninth level spels are the highest level available in the player's handbook, so what sort of epic form should be used for these spells?

Limericks, DUH!

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Hey folks

Hello. My name is brandon and i'm a AD&D2E-aholic.
It's been almost 2 years since i last played AD&D...
OMG has it been that long??


Updates?? who's where in your campaigns?? anyone started anything interesting?? new character kits/classes?? spectacular AD&D moments... anything please... i'm tweaking out here!
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Volcano Adventure

I'm preparing this adventure where the party in my group are going to this ancient, abandoned temple to the god of fire. It's in a volcano, in fact. Has anyone ever run a game in such an environment? Any advice on it? much damage would lava do? Would it cause heat damage if you were too close to it? Maybe suffocation rules if the air is full or ash?

Any experience in DMing or playing in such an environment would be greatly appreciated, whether it's advice on rules or suggestions for cool ideas to implement to make the game more exciting. Thanks.
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So...I'm sure you've all heard by now about 4E. Anybody NOT see that coming? I told my players about it, and the general consensus was "Who cares?" and then we went back to playing 2E. ^_^

Any thoughts from the rest of you grognards?


I've played both AD&D 2nd Edition, and D&D 3rd Edition.... and AD&D 2nd Edition is by far my favorite. I was hoping by joining this group that I could find people to play the game with again... either in online settings or in my area of Allen, TX. So let me know what you think, could you help me out.

Oh and my favorite race is Elf, my favorite class is Fighter/Mage, and my Favorite Kit is Bladedancer... but seeing as how I have misplaced the complete book of Elves I am going to probably play as something else in future sessions.
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I've been DMing for years now, and it's occurred to me that I've never once had a player take a henchmen before in my games.

Is this normal? Are henchmen a rare commodity in most games, or is my game just strange? I've always kind of wondered about that.
Storm Dragon

Looking For A Place To Game?

When I first started looking into online gaming I had a really hard time finding places that actually had games going on.   There were a few places that liked to talk about gaming but I wanted to play.  

Shameless plug/

I have a game board called Castle Valiant

I started it after a couple of the game boards I frequented were having trouble staying up and running. All the games were on hold and some of them died off. I also wanted to provide a place to host games so people had other options available to them if they couldn't scare up a face-to-face game in their area or if some other board goes down or gets hacked games could still be played. So, Castle Valiant was created.

It's all about the games. Play by email (PBEM), Play by message board (PBMB). The game pacing is slower than table top but it has the advantage of giving you the time to craft your responses or plots.

AD&D, D&D, D20, Planescape, White Wolf, Star Wars, Birthright or something else are all welcome. I'm a 1st and 2nd edition AD&D fan myself.

Join up and help launch Castle Valiant. Start your games today. Don't be shy, come on in. Joining is free, playing is free, no subscription fees, no charges and no credit checks. Very Happy
It's a new board and more members will offer more opportunities.
Newbies and old timers are welcome.

/Shameless plug Wink

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right now i'm playing an 8th lv grey elf spell filtcher (thief), to go along with my amulate of levation and my portable hole i just got a cloak of elven kind, now i'm going to be a back stabbing machine